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Simply grab, place and arrange comonents seamlessly for a personalized and visually appealing website design.

Responsive design

Your site automaticcaly adapt to differents screen sizes, guaranteeing a visually appealing and functionnal layout on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Template library

Access a rich library of professionnally designed templates within the website builder, offering a quick starting point for users seeking aesthetic consistency and industry-specific layouts.

Step into a world of infinites choices

Embark on a journey with our website builder, where you're welcome into a world of endless possibilities.

Enjoy the freedom to choose from a wide array of options and create your unique online space efortlessly.

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Our platform redefine possibilities

Discover a whole new realm of possibilities with our website builder. We've redefined what you can achieve, making it easier than ever to bring your ideas to life online.

Explore the potential of our platform and redefine your online presence with simplicity and creativity.

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"Speedwapp has been a game changer for my businees! As a non-techy person, I needed a website builder that was user-friendly and efficient. Speedwapp delivered on both fronts, allowing me to create a professionnal portfolio website in no time. The speed and ease of use are unmatched!"

Sarah Thompson

Owner of Thompson photography

Compatible with open source technologies

Website templates by our in-house creative team

Choose from our professionnal well designed templates ranging from different categories to kick start your website creation

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Infinite avenue at your fingertips

Start your website creation with our ready-to-go prebuilt-sections

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"Kudos to Speedwapp for revolutionizing my online presence! The variety of customizable options and seamless drag-and-drop interface made building my website a breeze. I love the flexibility and modern designs and the support team is top notch. Thanks Speedwapp for making my website dreams a reality!"

Mark Foster

Foster Consulting - Founder/Consultant

Other features

Community platform

Create your own components or features and share them with other users.

Team-work friendly

SpeedWapp is a collaborative tool. Several persons can get involved in the same project and exchange instant reports. Useful for web agencies.

Live multiplatform preview

As you create your site, you can have a real time preview that incorporates every change you make.

Reusable headers, menus and footers

Create the major areas of your site (such as the header, menu or footer) just once, then reuse them on any page.

Responsive page

Popular bootstrap framework, your page will automatically adjust on all screen formats: desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones

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Begin your journey with these informative videos, whether you're a novice or expert, our carefully curated content will guide you through the essentials. Dive in and get started to your path to success!

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Introduction to the style panel in Speedwapp

The style panel allows you to customize and style every element on your page. You can customize your element's background color, add margin and padding, border style and more.

How to use flexbox in Speedwapp

Are you tired of struggling with complex layout and rigid designs? Then it's time to learn how to use Flexbox in speedwapp! Flexbox is a powerful display setting that enables flexible and responsive layouts, making it the industry standard for creating stunning web designs.

How to arrange elements and create a good layout in Speedwapp

Creating good layout is essential for any website. The layout of your website can define it's success. The design has to fit the content of your site. With the right layout, your content can shine, but with the wrong one, content can become croweded, hard to read, and uninspiring.

How to create a responsive navigation in Speedwapp

Make your website navigation stand out with a responsive design that works seamlessly on any device! In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a beautiful, user-friendly navigation for your website using speedwapp.